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Through Microsoft's DreamSpark Premium-program, also called E-Academy, students and employees at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences can acquire licensed copies of Microsoft software. The program includes Windows operating systems, developer tools such as Visual Studio, server software, productivity applications, and more.


Access to E-Academy

You should use the latest version of Internet Explorer to access the E-Academy store front.

IFI-students and employees can be granted access to E-Academy (DreamSpark Premium). To request access to E-Academy, send an e-mail to e-academy at and ask for access to the program. If you are an employee at IFI, please state so in your request. It is very important that you send the request from your UiO email account! If you don't use your UiO account for the request, you will not be given access to E-Academy and there is no guarantee that you will even get a reply. Requests to access E-Academy will usually get processed within a week outside of holiday seasons.

Feel free to write your email in either Norwegian or English -- whichever language you are most comfortable with.

Logging in

Go to the custom E-Academy store front by following this link: Log in using the username and password that you have received. If you forget your password, you can use this store front to reset it.

Dowloading software

E-Academy product page

When you enter the E-Academy store, you are presented with a list of different software that you can obtain for free. Click on the software that you wish to download, and then click Add to Cart.

You can continue adding more software. When you're done adding software, click Shopping Cart and then Check out to proceed to downloading the software you added to the shopping cart.

During the check out procedure, you may have to agree to EULAs (End User License Agreement), and you may need to fill in some customer information. Eventually, you will be led to a page listing your order details and download links for the software. Take note of any product keys for the software that you've ordered! You should also recieve an email confirmation from DreamSpark Premium regarding your order. You can also access the download links and product keys later, by logging in with the link above and clicking on Your account/Orders.

Click the Start download link from the order summary page and follow the instructions to download and install the "Secure Download Manager". Then download and open the .sdx-file to start downloading your software. You will need to use a Windows computer to use the "Secure Download Manager".

Burning Windows to a DVD or using an USB flash drive

If you have downloaded an ISO image (.iso-file) for a Windows opertaing system, you might want to burn it to a DVD in order to install the OS on a computer. If you need help with that, see these guides for burning ISO-images. It is also possible to use a USB flash drive instead of using a DVD, by making a USB drive into a bootable Windows installation drive. You can use the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool for that.

How can I find my serial number?

First of all you need to be logged in using the link above. Go to Your Account/Orders to list your software order history. From here, click on View Details for the product in question. This will bring you to an order details page, which should list the product key.

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