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Guide for Installing programs with E-Academy


Access to E-Academy

Ifi-students and employees can be granted access to E-Academy. Simply by sending an email to e-academy[a] For more information in norwegian:

The Login

First of all enter E-Academy. Log on using your username and password and you are inn!

Shopping the software

Click on "To order new software click here" This reveals a list of different programs that you may choose from.

Check "download" and click "Add to Cart"


The following screen shows your Shopping Cart (a list of programs you want to download) and you may now continue adding programs to your cart or you may check out.

Next is customer information where you fill out the information and press next. The following page is your Order Details. Now you should recieve a mail from E-Academy regarding your Order Confirmation. Click on your productname and "My Software" page will be displayed. Here is your products serialnumber that you must note down. You can at anytime log on to E-Academy to check the serialnumber on your different products.

Now you should deactivate your firewall and antivirus and press download button and you will download a .exe file for instance "Windows.exe" If the file is not a .exe file, mark the file and press F2 button to rename it to .exe. This file is your link to download your product. Run the file and the download procedure begins. Remember to activate your firewall and antivirus when done.

Burning your new software on a CD / DVD

If you not already have a burning program you may download a free one at (The follwing is based upon this program)

Start CDBurner XP (you can probably run it from your start-menu)

Now you are given a choice on what kind of CD you want to burn. (If what you downloaded from E-Academy is a .iso file for instance windowsxp.iso scroll down)

You want to make a data-CD as marked on the picture above.

Burning .iso files

To burn a .iso file choose the same as the picture above.

Now press File -> Write Disc from ISO file...

You must now select the .iso file you want to burn.

When you have attached your .iso just press Write Disc and the cd will be burned.

How can I find my serial number ?

First of all you need to be logged on to E-Academy

The first page shows your "My Software". If you want to display your serialnumber press the "Download" or "Msburn" next to your productname.

The next page reveals information about your product included your serial number :)

MSBurn - The fastest way to create a Windows CD / DVD.

When you are located at IFI you can run the msburn-command from any linux machine with a DVD-Burner.

   * Simply run "msburn" in Xterm.
   * This will bring up the "End-User Licence Agreement".
   * Press Return-button to read trough the licenence agreement step by step. (there are quite many pages)
   * In the end the question "Have you read, and accept these terms?" question appears. Type "ja" to continue.
   * The following list shows the different operating systems and programs you may install. Type "1" if you want to burn a Windows XP pro CD.
   * Now insert a clean CD, press Enter and then "y" to continue.
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